On the left is Richie, my fiancé, about a year and a half into our relationship and pre-t. He had come out as trans to me about a few months prior to that. On the right is Richie 4 years later and almost 3 years on testosterone. We’ve been together almost 5 years now and his birthday is coming up.

I created a secret top surgery fund for him in hopes to surprise him for his birthday on August 30th. I’m not at all expecting $5000 to be raised by then, in fact, I don’t have any kind of expectation towards the amount raised before his birthday. I just wanted to get this started for him as a surprise to remind him that there are so many people that love him and support him and are wishing him a happy birthday and I know any amount donated would be the best birthday surprise he could ever receive.

Right now, Richie doesn’t believe that top surgery will ever be a reality for him and I want to change that incredibly dangerous mind set. A whopping 41% of trans* people attempt suicide. Richie’s dysphoria, negativity and hopelessness has been growing at an alarming rate. I want to do everything I can to prevent and/or limit the amount of pain he has to deal with on a daily basis. Top surgery would undoubtably eliminate a big chunk of it.

Richie has been medically transitioning for almost 3 years. He has identified as trans for about 4 years. In that time, he has seen so many of his friends within the community get top surgery and it has been a silent struggle for him. He has become more reclusive, isolated and depressed. I don’t want Richie to ever feel inhibited by his body and/or isolated because of it. This year for his birthday, I want him to truly believe that top surgery is entirely possible for him and unquestionably going to happen in the near future. I can’t do that alone, so I’m reaching out to his family, friends, my followers on tumblr, as well as any kind strangers who may know what it feels like to deal with dysphoria or just want to help out an amazing guy who has done so much for others. I honestly can’t imagine anything better than knowing that we all helped make it possible for him to live happily, authentically and without fear or insecurity of his identity, by contributing to the single most liberating and defining moment in his life. I know top surgery will change his life forever and I know that it is something that will give him back that contagious spark and thirst for life that he used to have and remind him that he once thought the world was beautiful and it still is.

Please spread the word by reblogging and if you’re capable of donating anything, you have no idea how much it is appreciated. No amount is too little so please do not feel embarrassed if you can only donate a dollar or two, I’m still just as humbled by your generosity.

For those of you who have already donated and/or have been reblogging and sharing this with your followers or friends, I am forever indebted to you all.

The link to donate:

I will not stop reblogging this until he doesn’t ever have to worry about wearing a binder for 12+ hours a day and come home with bruises on his back, or be afraid that someone will see the outline of his binder through his shirt and be outed, or doesn’t have to close his eyes whenever he takes a shower because the sight of his chest right now makes him feel further disconnected from his body. This is no way to live and as his partner, I can’t sit idly by and allow him to continue half-living like this.

I’ve gotten in touch with, thanks to an amazing follower Stefanie. They have agreed to offer a $25 gift certificate to all contributors of $100 or more!!

If you haven’t, check out the website, there are so many great products from rodeoh and hopefully this will encourage more people to donate for a great cause!

SIGNAL BOOST. Let’s keep this going! I’ve seen pictures of random pretty girls get hundreds of thousands of reblogs and likes. Let’s like and reblog something that will potentially change someone’s life forever. You can make an impact that significant and powerful in a strangers life, it’s your choice and you can make that choice right now by reblogging the hell out if this.

I know we still have a month left but there’s still a long long ways to go. We need to raise $3266 in the next 30 days, guys! That’s about $108 a day. I know it’s an ambitious goal but if you can spare $5, please please do. I can’t stress how much every little donation counts and adds up. If everyone who reblogged or liked this was capable of donating a dollar, Richie’s top surgery goal would have been met by now.

Before you just hit the like and/or reblog button and move on, I urge you to seriously consider if you can spare a couple dollars. I would never ask for help if I didn’t need it. Right now, I need it more than ever.



my hair likes to do this cute thing where part of it is curly and part of it is straight

just like my sexuality


young people exploring their gender identity need education, not blind acceptance and validity. questioning someone’s experiences and talking to them about sex dysphoria isn’t harassment, it’s literally the right thing to do

Binding every day sucks


This boy is my everything. We’ve been together for almost 5 years. A year into our relationship though, he came out as trans and began his personal journey of transitioning. He has been medically transitioning for almost 3 years.

His birthday is coming up on August 30th. This year I wanted to do something super special for him for his birthday. We’ve been engaged for 3 years and are waiting until he’s had top surgery before we set a wedding date. Most people ask why we’ve been engaged for so long and don’t understand why, but it really isn’t that complicated; everyone deserves to feel like a million bucks at their wedding. As cheesy as it sounds, I want him to feel like a million bucks every day of his life. He’s priceless to me, with or without top surgery. Surgery does not define his worth or value to me, but it does to him. And I feel like self worth is something personal that can’t be dictated by others, especially regarding trans people. I’m in no position to tell him that he should just love himself the way he is, and I never would. But I have every right to love him just the way he is, even if his dysphoria is right there butting heads with me.

I’m reaching out to the trans community on tumblr, allies and anyone else willing to help make this birthday his best birthday ever. I’ve created a secret gofundme account to raise money for the top surgery he thinks he will never be able to afford. I’ve requested he stays off tumblr until his birthday, he has no idea why. I can’t think of a better way to wish him a happy birthday than by completely crushing the idea that’s been weighing him down for 3 long years and proving to him that his top surgery is totally possible. If I could pay for this entire surgery myself, I would. I know there’s so many people out there struggling to save up for their own surgeries but we simply could not afford his surgery any other way, at least not for another 3 or 4 years. I want this to happen for him so bad and appreciate any donation no matter how small. Don’t ever think that any act of generosity, no matter how “small”, is not enough. Kindness is so much more valuable than most people realize. Every dollar and reblog counts and every dollar and reblog is greatly appreciated. Please spread the word!

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truscum vs tucutes


truscum vs tucutes

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“average truscum tells a transtrender to kill themselves 3 times a year” factoid actualy (sic) just statistical error. average truscum tells 0 transtrenders to kill themselves per year. Anon truscum Georg, who has never actually been confirmed to be a truscum & sends over 10,000 messages each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

The ftm tag is gross now a days

So much anger and sadness



You’re literally shit posting about an entire movement you aren’t a part of and somehow we are ones trying to make everything about us?

And what binders do you think are best for



Tank tops?

So there’s a lot of anger and just downright immaturity in the truscum tag right now and I think you all need to see this picture of grumpy cat to cheer you up